A Few Simple Steps you can take to be Kinder to the Environment and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  1.  As they say, “a man’s home is his castle,” so make it green!

– Conduct an energy audit to locate high-energy use areas in your home.

– Make sure your home is well-sealed—it will reduce your heating and cooling needs; wear a sweater and set the thermostat a bit lower.

– Remember to turn off the lights; buy compact fluorescent light bulbs, which use 75-80% less electricity.

– Minimize your water use, utilize water reduction gadgets in the shower and toilet; add solar panels for heating water.

– Upgrade your appliances—the latest versions use as much as 40% less energy than older models. Unplug your appliances when you are not using them. Once your gadgets are charged up, unplug them from the charger and the charger from the outlet, it will save a tremendous amount of electricity (cell phones, tablets, computers, etc.).


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